the best of you2023

What kind of space is the mouth?
It starts and ends from the lips.
From left to right. The center.
Top and bottom. From the inside to the outside.
The space of good and bad feelings.
The moment of encounter creates movement.
Linear or with an undulating component of physicality.
Language responds to the outer body.
Exploring the mouth as the natural touch of togetherness.
The mouth is the connection of natural touch. Playing with the bottles, the colors of the liquid gain meaning.
All this is explored in the performance through an intimate attitude.
Some gestures remind of childhood, of friendship or of lovers.

Concept and Choreography
Daniela Georgieva
Josefine Luka Simonsen

Daniela Georgieva
Josefine Luka Simonsen

Nathan Ishar
Shannon Sinclair

Künstlerverein Malkasten, Düsseldorf