In Lantz's Park, the three performers will first move individually. This will allow the audience to become familiar with the performers and move freely through the sculpture park. Only at the end of the three-hour performance will the performers come together around the chapel in the park. "We want the audience to explore the performers' quality of movement at their leisure," Georgieva says. In the spirit of "Judson Dance Theater," the choreographer is interested in improvisation-based movement derived from everyday life and its repetition. She develops this minimal narrative language in her own dance-choreographic work and thus focuses increasingly on the relationship between body and space. Corresponding to the body's approach to its surroundings are the sculptures and the trees of the park. The concentration on the repetitive movements is further enhanced by the absence of musical accompaniment. The soundtrack of "Gehen, Springen, Begegnen" is the chirping of birds interrupted by the screeching of airplanes or the rustling of trees.

Concept and Choreography
Daniela Georgieva

Choreography and Performance
Sophia Seiss
Alexandra Knieps
Philip Wiehagen


Katja Illner

Nathan Ishar

Gregor Jansen

Lantz´scher Park, Düsseldorf