Arriving somewhere in the middle of nowhere and with the view that it is better there? Here in Lindau waiting, running, searching and meeting each other in „destination paradise“. This is the name of the work of the artist Martin Pfeifle. This question will be investigated and questioned by three performers* in dance on location, with walking, walking as dance. Daniela Georgieva choreographs her own rules, following and breaking them, and what decisions are made when three unknown people meet.

Is it the path itself, the way of walking or the particular choreography that unfolds in the urban context, using the open street as a big stage? Whether in diagonals, circles or triangular forms, different ways of walking dissolve and form their own closed unit of togetherness in the urban context. This circle is found again in „destination paradise“ and becomes part of the choreography. The three performers Hugo Le Brigand, Snorre Elvin and David Kummer use the unknown field to extend the urban space by listening, sitting or waiting for the right moment in the now. The answer would be „destination paradise“ is always there, where one directs the gaze to the unknown, gives the space to linger and one forgets the time.

Concept and Choreography
Daniela Georgieva

Choreography and Performance
David Kummer
Snorre Elvin
Hugo Le Brigand

Martin Pfeifle


Christian Flemming

Ganni Seufert

Sophie Charlotte Bombeck

Biennale Lindau