How does falling sound, or getting up? What’s the speed of a hum, and what momentum is inherent to song? How can we touch each other physically and acoustically? Questions like these form the basis of Daniela Georgieva’s most recent piece "Fluscia" that explores relationships among dancers and between them and the audience in a sensual manner. "Fluscia" logically continues the exploration of forms of physical closeness and distance Georgiava started in her 2022 collaboration with her colleague Hugo Le Brigand, "270206". This time, the two artists add an acoustic dimension to their experience. They investigate the types of contact and relation that can possibly emerge between different bodies: bodies of movement, acoustic bodies, affective bodies. The idea is that these kinetic, haptic, acoustic relationships in turn produce new bodies and new constellations. The interplay of dancers’ body voices with electro-acoustic compositions is at the very centre of "Fluscia".

Concept und Choreography
Daniela Georgieva

Choreography and Performance
Hugo Le Brigand
Valentino Skarwan
Lina Venegas

Dramaturgical consultant
Liv Schellander

Outside Eye
Lena Megyeri

Sound Design 
Moritz Nahold
Tanja Fuchs

Light Design
Samuel Schaab

Anna Sedlmayr // ANN[DONE

Maximilian Pramatarov
Sigrid Reinichs

Maximilian Pramatarov

Production management
Wibke Scheler

brut nordwest
A co-production with brut Wien and Verein KOROLL.

With the support of Im_flieger, Arbeitsplatz Wien, Seestadt Studios Wien.

With many thanks for their kind support to the Cultural Department of the City of Vienna, Federal Ministry of Arts, Culture, Civil Service and Sport, Kunststiftung NRW.